Overview: Uploading a Video to Gryphon

When a video is uploaded to Gryphon, several processes happen to ensure the video will play across devices. This is what is happening during the 'we're processing your files' stage of an upload.

  1. Video is fully uploaded via FTP or the browser
  2. Original video is sent to the permanent storage service
  3. Gryphon informs our encoding service, Zencoder, of the new video
  4. Zencoder downloads original video and begins cross converting it
  5. Once cross conversion is done, Zencoder copies alternate files back to our permanent storage service
  6. Zencoder then takes a frame from the first 1 second of the original video and sends that to our storage service as the screenshot.
  7. Gryphon takes the screenshot and sizes it as necessary.

If you replace a screenshot while the video is in the processing state, it will get overwritten. It's best to wait for the video to finish before replacing any screenshots. We can also tell Zencoder to pull a frame from another point in the video - it doesn't have to be the first frame, that's just where most people tend to put their title cards.

If you're replacing the previews after the video has finished processing, it's possible that within the 10-30 second after the video is finished that the generated previews are still being pushed over to the storage service. So, to be extra careful, we recommend waitng a good minute after the processing is complete before replacing images.

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