Creating a Blog

The Blog section allows you to manage your blogs and the posts that belong to those blogs. You can create as many blogs as you need. (Note: you need appropriate permission to create and edit blogs. If you need access, please contact a site admin.)

Creating a "blog" and creating a "post" are two separate things. Posts belong to blogs, or put another way: A blog is a collection of posts.

1. Select Blogs from the sidebar.

2. Select Manage Blogs.

3. Select Add Blog. 


4. Fill in appropriate name, slug and description. The description often shows below the blog name on the blog landing page, depending on how your site is set up.

5. We would also suggest selecting an image to be displayed on the blog landing page. This can be a banner or an icon, depending on how your site is set up. Attach the media directly to the blog.

6. When ready, remember to select Published. Once the blog is published, you can begin assigning posts to it

REMINDER: For the blog to be linked in your site navigation, please contact



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