Creating a Gallery

Galleries are photo slideshows that can be attached to an article or post, just as you would attach other types of media.

Consult your tag sheet to see if there are any special tags needed to have galleries show up in specific spots (i.e. homepage).

1. Upload and publish the images you would like to display in your gallery.

2. Hover over the '+' and select Create Gallery. (Note: you need appropriate permission to create and edit galleries. If you need access, please contact a site admin.)

3. Give the gallery an appropriate slug, name and description. 

3. Select Attach Media to select the images to display in your gallery. This will open the media carousel on the right, showing all your uploaded images. Select and attach, like you would if you were attaching to a post or article.


Once you see the 'File Uploaded' message, the image has been added to the gallery. You can add multiple images at once.

4. Like all other media, galleries must be checked published before showing on the live site.

Galleries do have weights, which may affect how they show on your site. Again, consult your tag sheet for how galleries are placed in specific spots.

Created galleries can be viewed and edited in the media section in Gryphon.


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