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  • Email client (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Inbound email address (provided by SNworks). Don't have one? Give us a shout.
  • Inbound email API enabled (please contact support for more information)


Creating articles via email is extremely simple. Gryphon will use the subject line as the article's headline and anything, with the exception of the directives listed below, as the article copy.


Directives allow you to set authors, tags and publication states when emailing in articles. All directives start with a hash mark ('#') followed by the command. Some directives allow arguments, like tag and author names.

  • #publish
    Sets the status flag to the article as "published". Omitting this directive leaves the article unpublished
  • #subhead My Subhead
    Sets the article subhead to "My Subhead"
  • #author Testy Foo Testerson
    Sets author to "Testy Foo Testerson". You can have multiple author directives
  • #tag Sports
    Sets tag to "Sports". You can have multiple tag directives
  • #weight 3
    Sets weight to given value. 3, in this case.

Attaching Media

You can attach any type of file to your message that you would typically be able to import into Gryphon, such as images and video. They will be processed and attached as normal.

Note that the media inherits its publication status from the article. So, if the article is set to "#publish", the media will be too.

Our mail processing service limits the total attachment size to 10MB. For example, you can send one 10MB file, or 5 2MB files. As long as the total size is less than 10MB. Messages with attachments larger than the limit will be rejected.

Example Message

Keep in mind, Gryphon will pull the headline from the message subject.

#weight 4
#author Testy Foo Testerson
#author Testa Baz Testerson
#tag sports
#tag top stories
#tag football

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