Using Google Calendars

First Time Set-UP:


1) Set up the Google Account.

2) Create a new calendar in Google Calendar called Approved. (You should now have two calendars in the Google Account)

3) Log in to Gryphon4 (e.g.

4) Go to Plugins > Google Calendars

5) Click grant access and login with your Google Account credentials.

6) Choose the Approved calendar to sync with.

7) Done!

Approving Events:

When a user submits events, they will be added to your default Google Calendar. If you want to display the event on your site you can just move it to the Approved calendar in Google. You’ll want to check your Google Calendar periodically for new events.

Adding Different Categories to Calendar:

You can also organize events in your calendar by categories, e.g. concerts, theater, etc.

  1. Create each category as its own calendar in your Google account. (When you are approving events, move them to their appropriate calendar/category.)
  2. Set up the new calendars to be synced with Gryphon. In Gryphon4, go to Plugins > Google Calendars > Linked Calendars. Check the calendars you want to sync.

The next time your calendar refreshes the new categories will be there.

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