Article Editing Options

Gryphon offers several tools for formatting content inside of articles.


 View HTML Code

Feeling savvy and want to take a peek at the code behind your post? There should never be a reason that you need to edit the HTML code, but it can be helpful when looking at formatting, or when trying to troubleshoot an issue happening within your post.

If you have code you would like to embed, see Safe Embed.


Text Formatting Options

The drop down offers different styling options you can apply directly to your text – normal, quote, different heading styles, etc.



 Clear Formatting

Clears formatting of text, whether the formatting was added within Gryphon or before it was added into Gryphon. If you are copy/pasting from Microsoft Word, Google Drive, or a different text editor, you must clear formatting. Just highlight your pasted-in text and choose this button

The Clear Formatting button is a good place to start if an article or section front is looking odd. 


 Bold Text



 Italicize Text



 Strikethrough Text 



 Bulleted List

 Numbered List 


 Decrease Indent

 Increase Indent


 Insert Image

This will open a dialogue box asking for the URL of an image on the web. If on an external website (not in your Gryphon), you can get this link by right-clicking, and choosing 'Copy Image URL'. Find more information on inserting images here.


 Insert Video

This will also open a dialogue box asking for the embed code of a video from an external website, like YouTube or Vimeo. You can find this embed code usually by selecting share or embed on the video.

You can also use the Safe Embed button to do this, as well.


 Insert Table


 Insert/Remove Hyperlink

Insert internal or external links within text.


Text Alignment Options


Insert Horizontal Rule


Safe Embed

Safe Embed allows for the insertion of an embed code from any other website (like Twitter, Spotify, WuFoo, etc.) If the code is corrupt in any way, it will not affect the rest of your site when using Safe Embed.

Editorial Copy Notes

Private, internal way to make notes on articles while still in Gryphon. And don't worry – these notes will not show on the website, even if the article is published.


Note: These formatting options are also available in Pages, Captions and Blog Posts.

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