Creating URL Redirects

Creating redirects to simplify URLs is very helpful to your users and sometimes essential when you want to publish a link in print. Luckily, you can create redirects such as redirecting to very easily using Gryphon.


Creating a redirect

(must have access to settings in Gryphon)

  1. Go to Settings > URL Redirects
  2. Choose New Redirect
  3. For the 'in path' choose what you want your shortcut to be. For example, the 'in path' is 'foo'
    • Note: You can't manually create redirects whose 'in path' starts with the words "article", "section", "media", "mutimedia" or "gallery". For those, you'll have to contact support - or just use a synonym!
  4. For the 'out path' enter the url you want to be the destination. This can be a relative path e.g. 'article/something-here' or goto another site using a full url e.g.
  5. Hit save and wait a few minutes for the redirect to update in the database. (This should take no more than 5 minutes.)
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