1/24/15 Updates for the Semester

Happy New Year from SNworks! Here are a few updates for the start of the semester.

After-hours Emergency Support
The procedure for contacting SNworks after-hours for an emergency is changing. Instead of emailing support, we ask that you call (517) 435-3145 and leave a voicemail. This message is sent directly to an on-call staff member. This new workflow will help separate true after-hours emergencies from routine support requests in the inbox, helping them from being lost in the shuffle. You can call this number for emergencies during normal hours too or email support. Please note, the support inbox will not be monitored outside of normal support hours. As a reminder, our normal support hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm ET.

Client Help Center
Over the past semester, we've been busy populating our Client Help Center (https://snworks.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) . This is where you can find help documentation to answer many common questions. We're always adding to this knowledge base so if you have an article suggestion please let us know. Next articles slated to be written are Guides overview and Lobo overview.

Gryphon4 Roadmap
Over the next semester we plan to make some improvements to Gryphon. On the schedule now are:

  • Ability to place Gryphon media files inline in articles and pages. This will also link to the media file's caption and dynamically update when an edit is made to the media file.
  • Gryphon/Lobo Parallel Workflow - We've brainstormed this before with a few Lobo customers and are working to get it functional. Essentially it gives Lobo customers more flexibility in which version of a story shows on the web vs. in print without having to edit both at the same time.
  • Various user interface improvements.

A reminder that beginning of semester training is available for schools that have new staff members and are interested. Please contact support if you would like training on a specific product and we will set up a few times.

Travis and the SNworks Team

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