Adding Users

Note: Not all users have access to Users. Check with a Gryphon admin for your site if you can't access this feature.

To Add a User

1. In the left sidebar, hover over Settings then select Users.

2. To add a new user, select New User.


3. This will open a dialogue box on the left, in which you can enter the user name, email, password and permissions for the new user.

  • The user will log-in to Gryphon using the selected email and password.
  • If 'Admin User' is checked, this user will have access to all areas of Gryphon.
  • If 'Generate a new password for this user' is checked, a password email will be sent to the given email address. Once the user logs in for the first time, he or she will be urged to change his or her password.
  • Assign user to all relevant groups, if 'Admin User' is not checked.

4. Click Save User. 

The user will now show up in the list of all users, and will be able to log-in.


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