Gryphon Release Notes through 04/08/15


08 April 2015

  • New Poll plugin upgraded. Please DO NOT upgrade your poll plugin until SNworks support has had an opportunity to update your base templates.
  • Fixed Back-publishing media works properly.

26 March 2015

  • Fixed Check in/out no longer updates article modified times.
  • Fixed "View Site" button works again.
  • Fixed Inbound email articles format text properly again.

12 March 2015

  • New Plugins are back! We're beginning to release the updated plugins for Gryphon4
  • New Feed Builder plugin. This replaces the Dart plugin and supports many, many more options and configurations when creating custom feeds.
  • New DocSync plugin. This replaces Issuu and ScribD helpers and supports folders tags and stacks.
  • Improvement General cleanup of extraneous code.
  • Fixed Fixed a bug where some media items would have a double protocol in their generated URLs
  • Fixed Fixed auto-limit on Foundry's "first" method

HOTFIX 09 March 2015

  • Fixed Fixed an issue caused by previous publishing fix for non-US/Eastern clients. Only this time for US/Eastern clients. Weird.



HOTFIX 25 February 2015

  • Fixed Fixed an issue that affected or non-Eastern timezone clients that would cause article saves to fail if you didn't have a URL slug specified.

24 February 2015

  • Fixed Setting article publish date to the past properly publishes article with indicated timestamp.
  • Fixed Removing the last tag or author from a content item properly breaks the link.

HOTFIX 09 February 2014

  • Fixed Fixed an issue where attaching media, saving article, arranging media, then deleting media would cause the article to fail to load in editing interface.
  • Improvement Fixed article edit loading indicator.
  • Improvement Added stricter logging to the copy note conversion process.

03 February 2015

  • Fixed Fixed an issue where replacing multiple preview sizes for a media file (e.g. replace thumbnail and full) at the same time wasn't uploading the second item properly.
  • Fixed Fixed an issue where standard HTTP and HTTPS ports would appear in expanded links on the frontend (i.e.
  • Fixed Fixed preview URL generation for galleries.
  • Fixed Imported YouTube and Vimeo videos have a properly set published time.

HOTFIX 07 January 2015

  • Fixed Fixed an issue with non-breaking spaces causing new copy note parser to exit processing prematurely.

06 January 2015

  • Improvement New, new copy note parser solves the issues of copy notes eating article content AND the extra spaces where copy notes were at the end of grafs.
  • Improvement The {{request.path}} Twig variable actually returns the proper path. Sorry about that.

06 November 2014

  • Note Lobo Users: Please be sure to note the Hotfix release of 11/05.
  • Fixed Checkbox click targets in settings have been fixed. You can now properly select the row by clicking anywhere in the row or the checkbox itself.
  • Improvement Blog post generated abstracts are properly escaped and processed, which should stop them from breaking the interface. Which was bad.

05 November 2014

  • Fixed Gryphon no longer removes manual line breaks from web copy, InDesign's unnatural aversion to them is still maintained.

30 October 2014

  • Fixed Meta properties within the same open content type don't overwrite each other anymore.
  • Fixed Blog, post, section preview buttons.
  • Fixed Blog post delete works properly now.
  • Fixed Article URL slug field properly strips out non-URL characters on save.
  • Improvement You can use the Safe Embed system in article abstracts. So, yay!
  • Improvement Blog post previews behave like article previews now.
  • Improvement Comments embedded in MS Word sourced articles are properly removed from auto-generated abstracts now.

3 October 2014

  • Fixed Column sorting working properly again.
  • Fixed Blog post links from main dashboard work now.
  • Fixed Items uploaded via browser with "Upload and Publish" have a publication time properly set now.
  • Fixed Page preview button working properly again.

27 August 2014

  • New Oh. My. Glob. You can schedule article, media and blog publish times now. Like, into the future.
  • New Article URL field is separate from slug for friendlier URLs that can be set directly before publishing.
  • New New settings interface! Yeah!
  • New Print Issue access is controlled by group ACLs now - so you can assign regular users to manage print editions.
  • New New about screen in settings giving you access to the change log and other support info.
  • New Author, tag and redirect management has been added to settings.
  • Improvement Admin users can clear user locks again.
  • Improvement Article previews on live site updated with session tracking and nonce generation.
  • Improvement SNworks support accounts are now clearly labled in the user management screen. You'll not be able to delete or modify these accounts.
  • Improvement Added issue label to issue dropdowns.
  • Fixed Gryphon will no longer allow you to create users with the same email address.
  • Fixed You can save multiple users in a row without the settings overwriting each other.
  • Fixed New users with generated passwords properly save on first try.
  • Removed Roost and Ceres plugins have been superseded by Guides and are no longer available starting in Gryphon4
  • Removed Fully deprecated Fotobroker Sync (from waaaaay back) and Bad Behavior plugins

18 June 2014

  • Improvement Meta properties are available on sections now!
  • Fixed Copy notes work properly in blog posts now.

21 April 2014

  • New Blog posts are versioned in Gryphon now
  • New Pages are versioned in Gryphon now
  • New Pages must be checked in and out for editing now
  • New Floating edit bar when working on articles - sticks near the top of the screen so you don't lose your place when trying to insert/update copynotes and safe embeds.
  • New You can now set the LOBO server path in Gryphon settings
  • Improvement Updated Redactor to 9.12, new look and better highlighting
  • Improvement Video edit tab shows encoded video links under "Preview" menu
  • Improvement Added column to blog listing tab that shows number of posts
  • Improvement Articles can no longer be reverted if the article is checked out to another user.
  • Fixed Articles will no longer allow for duplicate slugs.
  • Fixed Safe embed properly encoding/decoding plus signs again - should break less code now
  • Fixed All Gryphon3 created galleries should be properly remapped as Gryphon4 galleries
  • Fixed Cleaned up wording on Blog/Post ACL listings

07 April 2014

  • Improvement Moved Manage Sections and Manage Blogs from below the primary navigation (Articles, Blog Posts) to next to pagination links on search view
  • Improvement Updated navigation icons
  • Fixed Hitting return in text fields no longer, inexplicably, removes attached media. Yeah, that was a thing.
  • Fixed Newlines in the safe-embed placeholders are properly handled now.
  • Fixed Replacing non-image media file previews actually... you know... works now.

20 March 2014

  • Fixed Fixed truncating links in text editor.
  • Fixed Access controls for blogs and posts.

19 March 2014

  • New You can now create galleries and attach them to content via the standard media attach panel
  • New Page management is now available in Gryphon4
  • New Blog and blog post management is available in Gryphon4
  • Improvement Better typography support - we've converted everything to be UTF compatible - so now your hyphens, n-dashes, em-dashes, acutes and graves all come through
  • Fixed Fixed a meta property issue for galleries

03 March 2014

  • Fixed Fixed issue where all meta was selected if any were selected causing some weird image handling results, like everything being a mugshot. Yeah... Yeah...

28 Febuary 2014

  • New Added the option to close an issue. Once an issue is closed it will no longer sync content from the web nor allow content to be modified in print. It will also remove all previous versions of an article. Versions will not be recoverable once removed.
  • New New safe embed option that allows you to embed any content into a Gryphon article.
  • Improvement Added media file titles above file names in all media lists
  • Fixed Fixed an issue where meta properties weren't saving properly, or jumping around

19 February 2014

  • New Inch/word counters are back
  • Improvement Error messages from ACL actions are much... better? Also new article tab doesn't waz out when you don't have that item in your group ACL.
  • Fixed Fixed bug in copy syncback after update

13 February 2014

  • New Added rebuild files menu option to rebuild image/video/pdf previews
  • Improvement Meta properties can be checkboxes now
  • Improvement Editing a sized file (i.e. the thumbnail) in the photo editor actually opens the sized file instead of the original
  • Improvement Small thumbnails in media list view are clickable now
  • Improvement Showing who an item is locked to in the media and article list views
  • Improvement Headline and Subhead on article edit view are now auto-grow boxes
  • Improvement Rebuilt text parser for web copy to completely remove embedded copy notes
  • Fixed FTP upload/import working again
  • Fixed Issue cache purges when creating/updating/deleteing issues
  • Fixed Dropdown menu shouldn't cutoff statuses anymore
  • Fixed Status dropdown on article/media edit shouldn't push beyond the window anymore
  • Fixed Article content should properly update when view is already open and clicking "Checkout" with pending changes
  • Fixed Aviary edits should be saving more reliably
  • Fixed Meta setting working again
  • Fixed Fixed modal clearing when creating notes
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