Media Edit Screen Overview



The Media Edit Screen is similar to most edit screens in Gryphon but has a few differences.

This gives your media item a title. Depending on your site's design this could show on article or search pages.

This is where you can enter the source of the media file if different from your organization. For example, a courtesy or wire image. If nothing is entered the field will default to your organization.

This field makes the media item clickable to go somewhere else. You can put a relative (/page/foo) or full url ( in this box. This field is commonly used when an image is uploaded as a promotional button. Only enter a value here if you want the media file to be clickable to another location.

Tags, Authors, Status, Publish
These fields work the same as on the Article Edit Screen.

Enter your caption for the media item here.

Edit Button
Gryphon creates three versions of every image that is uploaded. These versions are different sizes to allow for fast loading of your site. You can individually edit the different versions. You also have the ability to replace versions with entirely different media files. This is usually done when an image is uploaded as a version of a PDF or Audio file to display on the site. You can also rebuild all versions of the file from the original file. The original file is not editable to prevent destructive editing.

Media weights differ from article weights in that they do not lower after 24 hours. The idea being that a media's weight affects its position on an article and that should not change even if a story becomes old.

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