Using the Polls Plugin

The Gryphon4 Polls Plugin allows you to have several polls running simultaneously on your site. Polls can have custom voting periods, be embedded into any area of the site, and have unique URLs so they can be shared on social media. 

Creating a Poll

(Make sure you have the appropriate access permissions in Gryphon)

  • Go to Plugins > Polls
  • Select New Poll
  • Give your poll a title, question and responses
  • Some polls display on sites using a certain tag. Enter if necessary.
  • Select the publish time
  • Select the close time. The default voting period is two weeks.
  • Save. That's it!


Embedding a Poll into Articles (or Sections or Pages)

Embedding Polls is a lot like using SafeEmbed except that polls have their own button in the toolbar.

  • Go to the piece of content you want to embed a poll in (Make sure you've created the poll first, following the steps above.)
  • Check it out (if necessary)
  • Put your cursor on a new paragraph line
  • Click the insert poll button. (looks like a pie chart)
  • Find the poll you want to insert
  • Save and Check-in. That's it!


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