Using the Classifieds Plugin

Gryphon4 uses a single classified plugin for both Eclipse AdPro and Pre1 SmartPublisher classified exports. The plugin can also be used to manually enter classifieds.

If you're using a hosted system, like AdPro hosted or ULoop, this plugin isn't necessary.

Uploading classified exports

After logging into Gryphon, simply drag your classified export file into the browser window, drop it onto the upload panel, and click "Upload". The uploaded classified export will replace all the classified listings currently on your site.

Note: You must have permission to upload media files on your account. Check with an administrator of your site if you're unsure.

Marking featured classifieds

Some site designs display featured classifieds differently than normal liners. Feature a liner by selecting it from the list and clicking the "Feature/Un-feature" button to change its status.

Setting category order

You can set the order classified categories display on your site by selecting "Manage Categories" on the toolbar, then simply drag the classified categories to re-order them.

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