Standard Gryphon to Lobo Workflow

A Few Terms:

  • Gryphon - this is the web-based content management system (CMS)
  • Lobo - this is the extension/panel installed in InDesign and InCopy that syncs your print content with Gryphon. The panel must be open (or minimized) anytime content in the system is being edited in InDesign or InCopy.

Example Workflow:

  1. Article is created in Gryphon
  2. First edits by Desk Editors, Copy Desk and/or Management happen in Gryphon
  3. Article is placed on the page through Lobo panel. NOTE: From this point on, articles should only be edited in InDesign or InCopy until the page is closed. If an article that is placed on a page is checked out in Gryphon, its text formatting may be lost in InDesign.
  4. Articles are finalized on the page using InDesign or InCopy
  5. Once articles are finalized for print, we recommend unlinking all text content from the page to prevent changes coming in from the web. Ensure that all stories are checked in before unlinking so the most recent version is sent to Gryphon. Unlink content from either the Links panel or the Assignments panel.
  6. Now that stories are finalized in print, Gryphon can be used to publish the articles to the web. (See publishing to the web below)


Gryphon Tips

  • When pasting in text from another source (e.g. email, MS Word, Google Docs, etc.) you should use the clear styles button. (note: pasted in text should be highlighted when you click the button)
  • Notes in the copy can be made using the Editorial Note button. These will not show on the website and will display as copy notes in InDesign/InCopy.

InDesign Tips

  • If you aren’t seeing the Lobo Connect menu when you right click, it’s probably because the move tool (black arrow) isn’t selected.
  • Before closing a page, make sure to check in all stories first. If you check in stories on close the server may not finish communicating before the page closes which could cause a story to be out-of-sync.
  • Lobo uses the InDesign/InCopy native workflow so you can use any of the InCopy shortcuts to speed up your workflow. (e.g. Edit Menu > InCopy > Check in all)
  • If you’re going to be away from your computer for awhile (long enough for it to go to sleep) you should check in any stories you’re working on for two reasons: 1. so someone else can edit it if necessary, 2. if your computer loses its connection to the server (by going to sleep) while a story is checked out it may cause a story locking error.
  • Save your page throughout the night (File > Save).  ‘save early, save often!’

Publishing to the Web

  • If the story was on a page, make sure the text has been unlinked from the page so its print formatting isn’t lost when you check it out on Gryphon.
  • Check out the article
  • Enter a URL. We recommend copying the headline. (This shouldn’t be changed after you publish the article for the first time.)
  • Enter the reporter in the author box
  • Add tags to make the story show in the appropriate section.
  • Proof the abstract box - this is the preview of the article that shows on section fronts.
  • Attach media if applicable.
  • Check the publish box. (We recommend not changing an article’s weight until you’ve published all your articles and see how the section hierarchy naturally falls.)
  • Save and check in.
  • Done!
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