Special Digital Projects

Are you building a special digital project and writing the code yourself? That's great. This is how we recommend you put it online for the world to enjoy.

Feel free to use another method, but this is what we recommend.

You will use the GitHub Pages service and a custom subdomain to host your projects. This is a free tool that will allow you to publish and update your project content whenever you would like.

Set-up Instructions:

  1. Host your project in a public GitHub repository. Not sure what Git or GitHub are? Check this out.
  2. Your project must be a public GitHub repository. But don't worry, 'public' does not mean anyone can change it, just that anyone can see it, which is how all websites work.
  3. Use GitHub Pages to make it viewable online. We think the easiest way to set this up is to follow the instructions on GitHub Pages for a project site. It's best to make one repository for all of your projects and then to make a new folder inside the repository for each project. This way you only have to do the set-up once. (Put another way, you will only ever make one "projects" repository and then each project you make in the future will be one folder in this repository.)
  4. After completing the GitHub Pages set-up your project will be live! You can stop here or go on to Step 5 if you want it to display at a custom URL.
  5. To make these projects live on a subdomain of your site, e.g. projects.statenews.com, follow these instructions from GitHub. (This step is optional. If you're OK with your project showing up at repositoryName.github.io then you can skip this.)
  6. You're done. You just put a custom-built project on the Internet. Nice.


How do I promote this content on my Gryphon Site?

You can do this a few different ways:

  • You can have a page or section in Gryphon that you update manually when you publish a new project
  • If you want to promote these in an article spot on the homepage or section front, you can do that using the "Promo URL" field in the meta section of your article. This allows the article, complete with headline and photo, to show up on your site, but redirects users to your Github Project once they click on the article preview.

Contact support to set up either of these options if you don't have them already. 



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