Setting up a Pop-up ad with Google DFP

Google DFP allows for serving various types of rich media ads, including pop-up ads.

Initial Set-up:

  • Decide on the ad size. Currently (as of 3/23/15), IAB recommends either a 300x250 or 550x480 pixel ad.
  • Decide which pages you want the ad to show up on.
  • Create an ad spot in DFP that is 1x1 pixels. (We can do this for you.)
  • Contact us to code the new ad spot on the site. We'll need the 1x1 ad tag code that you have created.


Scheduling the ad in DFP:

  • Create the Order like normal
  • Create the Line Item like normal with a creative size of 1x1.
  • You'll want to adjust the Frequency so users aren't hit with the pop-up on every page.
  • Uploading the creative is a little different:
  • Choose user-defined template, then pop up ad.
  • Click Continue
  • Fill in the fields like normal on this next screen. The two required fields are: uploading your image and setting the clickthrough URL. Note: DFP sets a maximum file size limit of 1 MB.
  • Save and Approve the Order like normal.
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