Creating & Managing Planning Assignments


With CEO Planning Assignments, you can assign articles to reporters, give photo assignments to photographers and keep tabs on the progress of the story as a whole before a single word is written or a photo is shot.

Creating a Planning Assignment
To create an assignment, click on the “+” icon in the navigation bar and select Assignment. 

You will then be taken to this page:


Here is where you’ll want to include all the information about your assignment. 

Title: Give the assignment a title that will appear on the assignment viewing page.

Slug: Slug the assignment with something you will be able to easily identify in the assignments viewer and also CEO Connect.
Assignment type: Is it an assignment for a photo, an article, or something else?

Due Date: Specify when this assignment must be completed. 

Issue: Let everyone on your team know which issue this content will eventually be published in, if applicable. 
Workflow status: For most new assignments, you will leave this on "New." If the content is already working it's way through the system, you can specify that here, too. 

Assign user: Assigning a user will send them an email notification prompting them to view their new assignment. 
Description: Write a description for your content creators. If it's a photo assignment, include details like time, location, date and the quantity of photos you are hoping to get. For writers, you can include things like length, potential sources and other information here 

Attach vs. Create content: If content is already in your CEO for this assignment, you can attach it by selecting the "Attach Content" button. If your writers and photographers are going to add content later, they can create content that will automatically be linked to this assignment

Discussion: You can leave comments in this are and tag other users to view them. Want someone else's input on a story? Let them know in the comments!

Viewing assignments
Once you create and save an assignment, it will appear on the assignments page. Assignments are organized by due date and color-coded depending on the type of content that is assigned.

The icons at the bottom of each assignment will tell you when the assignment was created, how many people are working on it, and how many pieces of content are attached to it.


You can also view unassigned assignments by clicking on the tab at the top of the Assignments viewer.

Can't find the assignment you're looking for? Try quick searching at the top of the page. There, you can filter for assignments by publish date, label and when they were created or last modified.

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