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Whenever we do cool new stuff to CEO, we’ll log it here. If you ever notice something has changed in CEO, you can read up on it in on the About page.



You will need to create author entities for each writer you know will be contributing to your website. Entering all the authors into this section in CEO will make it easier to avoid misspellings and confusion when an article is being published.



Here is where you will be able to view every tag that has been logged for your website and where that tag directs content to. If you need to create a tag for a new section or update a tag, you will do that here.



Issues will be helpful for your team to organize content by publish date, whether for print or for web. You can create issues here and your reporters and photographers can put their content into an issue to make it easier to find all the content for one publishing cycle in one place.


FTP Import


URL Redirects



Go here for more information on what can be done in the Admin panel. 


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