Managing User Groups & Permissions

CEO comes with basic access control groups that should fit most organizations, but they can be tweaked, combined and extended as necessary.


Administrators can do everything within the system and this is the one group that you can't change or remove. There are actions that only members of the Administrator group can perform, like clearing locks, creating and updating groups, and updating some publication settings. With the exception of updating groups, these actions cannot be delegated to other user groups.

It's good practice to have only a few Administrators in your organization.

Super Editor

A Super Editor is like an Administrator, but with slightly less power. While administrators have access to just about all settings and content, they cannot clear locks or update group settings.


Editors are be able to provide for most daily functions of a news organization. Notable differences from a Super Editor user would be:

  1. Cannot manage users.
  2. Cannot delete content, assignments or containers.
  3. Cannot manage Workflows or WorkflowSections.
  4. Cannot delete issues.
  Content Assignment Author Tag Issue Section
Restore    - - - - -


Writers have a limited set of functionality, relating directly to the process of creating, editing content and managing workflows. Notable differences from Editors:

  1. Cannot override versions
  2. Cannot create or update assignments (but can comment).
  Content Assignment Author Tag Issue Section
Create - - - -
Update - - -
Delete - - - - - -
Restore - - - - - -


Pages Only

Pages Only group can only modify page type content. This is useful for front office users that need to manage advertising and contact information.

  Content Assignment Author Tag Issue Section
Create Pages Only - - - - -
Update Pages Only - - - - -
Delete Pages Only - - - - -
Restore -  - - - - -


Publishing Abilities

Only Editors, Super Editors and Administrators come with the ability to publish content. 

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