Editing Text

In CEO, you will edit stories in the content field of Articles and Blog posts. You'll use the editing toolbar here:


It will allow you to:

  • Change the size of your text. H1 through H6 give you standardized options to make things like subheads in your article stand out on your page. 
  • Bold, italicize, or underline something
  • Create a drop cap
  • Create bulleted lists
  • Create numbered lists
  • Indent a paragraph
  • Align your paragraph left, center or right
  • Insert a pull quote. The quote will ask you for the text and who said it. Once that's in, just click done. It will look like this in the text editor:


 The pull quote will format itself when you go to view the article on your site.

  • Insert a line
  • Hyperlink a word or sentence
  • Insert content. In addition to attaching content to your story, you can insert content to show up in a certain area of your article. In addition to finding media already uploaded to CEO, you can choose to upload content on the spot or you can give CEO the URL of your image.
  • Embed code: You can use this feature to embed Tweets and code for things like graphs or maps. 
  • Add a copy checked highlight: You can let your editor or other editors know that you already copy checked something by highlighting the fact in question. 
  • Create a note: Do this by highlighting the words you’d like to comment on. Notes are only visible to other CEO users. It will show up on the side of the Content field. You can @ users to tag them in a comment and send them an email notification.


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