Embed a PDF Reader

PDF readers can very from platform to platform and browser to browser. In general, we recommend embedding using a service like Issuu or Scribd. These platforms will ensure that your document is as accessible as possible.

When embedding a PDF in a document, CEO's default behavior is to include a preview of the first page with link to download the original file. This is the most accessible method of delivering the PDF without using a third-party service.

If you'd like to embed the PDF in a reader, but would rather not use a third party service, you can still do that. Be careful, though, this will severely limit your mobile accessibility. View a list of browsers that have builtin PDF readers.

First, upload your PDF to CEO and then open it. Above the preview image, click "View Original" and copy that URL.

Then in your article or page, use the following embed code, replacing "PDF-URL-HERE" with the URL you just copied:

width="100%" height="500"
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