Charts, Maps and other media types

Easily embed charts, maps and other media types in CEO. Use the the embed tool in the editor to drop your creations right into an article or page. Use the Dominant Embed block to add them as the dominant media.

There are many services, both free and paid, that will help you get the most out of your data:

Charts and Maps

  • Datawrapper - Create maps and charts with just about any type of data.
  • OpenStreetMap - Easy, open source maps.
  • Timeline.js - From Knight Lab, turn Google Sheets into embedded timelines.

Photo and Video

  • Scene VR - From Knight Lab, create VR scenes.
  • Juxtapose - From Knight Lab, create side-by-side image comparisons.


  • MixCloud - Upload and manage audio tracks and podcasts.
  • Bandcamp - Manage both free and paid audio.


  • Prezi - Create and share presentations.
  • Infogram - Create and share fully embedded documents


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