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  • A piece of content is not showing up.


If content is not showing up on your site, it might be because it hasn’t been published yet. Make sure to click the “Publish” button. It can take a few minutes for published content to show up on your live site.


  • A piece of content is not showing up where I want it to.


Before you get support involved, double check that the content is tagged correctly. CEO will prompt you with valid tags that allocate content. Any other tags will not work. It can take a few minutes for content to show up in a specific section once published.


  • An advertisement is not showing up on my site.


First, try refreshing the page. Then make sure the computer you’re using doesn’t have AdBlock running on it. This can alter the way advertisements and other content appears on your site.


  • A user can’t log in to CEO. What’s up with that?


If you or someone else created a new user and can’t log in to CEO, it might be because that user is locked. Go to the “Users” panel in CEO, search the user's name, and make sure there isn’t a lock symbol next to their name.


Changing your site

If you want to improve your site, change something or create a special layout for articles, media or other enterprise projects, contact SNworks Support. In most cases, we can complete your request in 48 hours.


Contact Support

You can contact SNworks Support during normal business hours (Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) by emails support@getsnworks.com, by calling (517) 435-3145, or by filing a support ticket within CEO. You will hear back from us within 24 hours. After-hours emergency support is available by phone at (517) 435-3145. Email is not monitored outside of normal support hours.

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