Section/Subsection/Topic/Subtopic Classification

Section/Subsection/Topic/Subtopic (SSTS) classification is a more rigid content classification model for CEO. It can be used in place of, or along side of, tags to place content on your site.

Advantages of SSTS:

  • Only one SSTS value can be assigned to a content item
  • SSTS values have a defined hierarchy
  • SSTS hierarchy changes cascade up and down the entire tree

After enabling SSTS in CEO, you start by creating your SSTS tree. An example tree may look something like this:

  • News
    • Campus
    • Local
    • State
  • Sports
    • Basketball
      • Men's
      • Women's
    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Soccer
      • Men's
      • Women's
  • Opinion
    • Op-Eds
    • Cartoons

These SSTS values then flatten out to "paths" in the system, for example "news/campus" or "sports/basketball/womens". These paths define the content item's hierarchy. If an item has an SSTS value of "sports/basketball/womens" it can appear in "sports", "sports/basketball" and "sports/basketball/womens".

We can use these paths to build specific content sections or blocks on pages, placing content as necessary. Because writers and editors in CEO are selecting from a predefined list of SSTS values, there is little confusion about how to classify an item.

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