To-Do Items before your CEO Launch

For your IT Department:

CEO Connect is an extension for Adobe InDesign and InCopy that provides a workflow for your editorial staff. It also connects with CEO, a web-based Content Management System.


IT Team To-Do’s prior to Launch

  • Design stations should be running Adobe InDesign CC. Writer/Editor stations should be running Adobe InCopy CC.
  • CEO Connect supports Adobe CC versions 2015.4, 2017 and 2018.
  • All computers should be running OS 10.10 or newer, or Windows 7, 8 or 10.
  • Computers should be using Chrome 58, Firefox 56 or Edge as the browser to access the CEO web application.
  • CEO Connect can be downloaded from the Adobe Add-Ons store ( There are unique extensions for InDesign and InCopy.
  • Create a folder on your shared server, ideally named "CEO." This is where all the files relating to CEO Connect will be stored and where the server paths for CEO Connect should be set on end-user machines. End-users will need read and write access to this folder. All InDesign files will need to be stored inside this folder. You can organize your InDesign files by creating child folders, but only one level deep. We recommend organizing them by publication date.
  • Inside this CEO folder, another folder named "Exports" will be created automatically by CEO Connect when a user first creates an assignment. Inside the Exports folder, another folder called "content" will contain all of the content used with CEO Connect. Your staff should not have to touch these folders.
  • We recommend cleaning out the Exports folder quarterly by deleting files that are three months or older from the directories of: exports and content.



One-time Setup Items

To complete all these setup items, login to the CEO web application with the URL provided to you. Once logged in, choose Settings in the left-hand menu and then Admin.  

From the Admin section, you can manage the following:


Create and manage accounts for all the people on your team. If a user ever gets locked out of their account because of entering an incorrect password, or because they forgot their password, you can fix that here.

Workflow Sections

You organize your content into workflow sections. If you want to specify a piece of content for news, features, the front page, or somewhere else, create the new workflow section in this panel.


In addition to workflow sections, issues help you organize content and assignments by publish date for print.

Workflow Statuses

CEO lets you create separate workflows for web planning assignments and print content. Within web and print workflows you can customize the workflow status, such as “To Editor” or “Ready to Place.” You can edit these at any time. Please see the separate document “Sample Workflow” for ideas.

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